REFUGEE Housing: Scaffold house: 

Within the realm of modern architecture, scaffolding is typically viewed of as a supporting tool- something that assists with the construction of architecture. In this proposal, scaffolding is used as the primary design tool- it allows for a modular construction system that helps to create a temporary design solution for housing incoming Syrian refugees into Holland. The flexible nature of scaffolding allows for the creation of many housing typologies through using this system.

The simple connections and modular nature of scaffolding allows for the building to be constructed extremely easily. It is envisaged that refugees are able to construct their own homes- through following simple building steps. In order to further ensure that the building is easily constructed, lightweight materials were selected for cladding. Corrugated polycarbonate (external) and polycarbonate panels (internal) create a layered and translucent aesthetic. The house is a fully integrated and sustainable module- it yields solar energy from its roof, while also contains a recyclable grey-water system.