Land Development Plan: Auroville, India: Luis Feduchi Architect 2014

I was an active member of a team made up of students, architects and urban designers led by Professor Luis Feduchi in Auroville, South India. Commissioned by the Auroville TDC (Town Development Council), Professor Feduchi and this team were responsible for the completion of a Detailed Development Plan of the Residential Zone, sectors 1 & 2. During my time in Auroville, I was responsible for, partook in and/or completed the following tasks:

  • The development and detailing of the proposed ‘Green Corridor’ network for Residential Zone, sectors 1 & 2.

  • The development and detailing of proposed ‘Urban Nodes’

  • The mapping and design of infrastructure related to mobility (cycle paths, walking paths, etc)

  • Identifying existing building design guidelines that could be legitimised into building by-laws.

  • A meeting alongside Professor Feduchi and his team and Chief Planner Prashant Hedao, with esteemed Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi in Ahmedabad on the 3rd of January 2014.