Experimental Housing: Brisbane's Flood Plains: University of Queensland 2012

The proposal is for an urban masterplan for the area of Oxley in direct response to the Brisbane 2011 floods. The majority of this suburb got severely inundated during the floods.The urban master plan was designed in two main stages. The first, aimed at encouraging east-west linkages in order to encourage a stronger relationship to the Oxley Creek. The second stage involved strengthening Sherwood Road as a major connecting road. Public functions were designated along the street's frontage, with a mixture of residential and commercial functions.

The masterplan involved the re-direction of water during peak flood periods. A water-trench becomes a new usable public space throughout the year, and a water direction advice during flooding.A typical experimental housing typology was designed to sit alongside the proposed Sherwood Road. The project aimed to make use of the large public water trench, while also providing a ground floor for use as a temporary market. Residential components were stacked equitably above with a sun screen shielding harsh Western sunlight from the interior courtyard.