1.0 Educational Qualifications

  • 2012: University of Queensland, Brisbane
    Completed Bachelor of Architectural Design, University of Queensland

  • 2016: University of Melbourne, Melbourne
    Completed Master of Architecture, University of Melbourne
    Weighted Average Mark (WAM): 85, First Class Honours

  • 2016: TU Delft, Delft
    Completed exchange semester as part of Master of Architecture, TU Delft, Netherlands

2.0 architectural experience

o    Design and documentation of a variety of residential projects in Melbourne.

o    Presentation and documentation of bespoke residential projects in Brisbane.

o    Assisted in documentation of new residential projects, including a multi-residential apartment in Brisbane.

o    Assisted in documenting the Commonwealth Games Master-plan on the Gold Coast..

o    Documentation, design and presentation of Urban Design work- namely the Auroville Master-plan in South India.

o    Documentation and presentation of residential alterations and additions projects in Brisbane and Canberra.

3.0 awards and achievements

  • 2006-9: Certificate of Merit, Brisbane Grammar School

    • Received Certificates of Merit, Brisbane Grammar School. Awarded to the top 10% of the cohort.

  • 2010-12: Dean’s Commendation of Achievement, UQ

    • Received Dean’s Commendations of Achievement, University of Queensland. Awarded to the top 10% of the cohort.

  • 2012: University of Queensland Summer Research Scholarship Japan

    • Received a University of Queensland Summer Research Scholarship to Japan. The architectural research was a collaboration between the University of Queensland and Momoyo Kaijima of Atelier Bow-Wow (University of Tsukuba). The project mainly dealt with post-tsunami areas of Japan, specifically Oshika Peninsula, and developed options on how to sustainably adopt practices that could redevelop devastated fishing communities.

  • 2015: University of Melbourne: Global Scholars Award: TU Delft 
    Received Scholars Award for attending semester at TU Delft.

  • 2016: Shortlisted in Dutch nationwide competition for Refugee Housing

    • In February 2016, I was shortlisted in a Dutch design competition that called for the design of new housing solutions for asylum seekers in the Netherlands. The competition, organised by the COA (abbreviation for the ‘Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers’) in collaboration with Government Architect Floris Alkemade, attempted to provide creative alternatives to current typologies for temporary housing. The competition was set up with the intention of developing a prototype that could be implemented across current refugee centres in the Netherlands. 'Steiger Huis' entrant was nominated as top 12 (of 366 entrants). For further information on this project, please see Architects for Peace article at http://archpeace2.blogspot.com/2016/08/designing-temporary.html

  • 2016: ‘Kampung Value’ received a Special Mention in international competition DENCITY

    • ‘Kampung Value’ project completed with colleague James Connor named a 'Special Mention' in international informal settlement competition DENCITY Shelter Global. There were over 250 entrants from 40 different countries. Shelter Global is an interdisciplinary not-for-profit organization focused on providing safe, clean living conditions for everyone. For further information, please see https://shelterglobal.org/competition/2016/kampung-value/

  • 2016: MSD-SAPPK (ITB) Indonesia Travelling Studio Exhibition
    University of Melbourne, 8th-24th February 2016

  • 2016: TU Delft: Seminars on Building Technology Exhibition
    TU Delft, March 2016

  • 2016: Het Nieuwe Insituut Rotterdam Exhibition
    ‘A Home Away From Home’ Nominee Pop-Up Exhibition, 29th June - 7th July

  • 2016: White Nights Festival Rotterdam Exhibition
     ‘A Home Away From Home’ Nominee Pop-Up Exhibition, 13th - 17th July

  • 2017: Shortlisted for the Dulux Study Tour

  • 2017: ‘Informalising Footscray’ Thesis exhibited on KooZA/rch

  • 2017: ‘Informalising Footscray’  Thesis exhibited at ‘Footscray Pop Up School’

    • In November 2016, James Connor and my work on Footscray was exhibited at 'Footscray Pop Up School' in Maddern Square, Footscray organised by Public Pedagogies Institute, Victoria University. For further information, please see http://www.publicpedagogies.org/category/pop-up-school/

  • 2017: Dean’s Honours Award, University of Melbourne

    • Received Dean’s Honour’s Award in my graduating year, University of Melbourne. Awarded to the top percentile of the cohort.

4.0 publications

  • 2016: Architects for Peace: ‘Designing the Temporary’, Online Article
    Written piece published regarding refugee housing and participatory architecture. See: http://archpeace2.blogspot.com/2016/08/designing-temporary.html

  • 2017: The Conversation: ‘When a suburb’s turn for gentrification comes…’, Online Article
    Co-authored an article with James Connor and Sidh Sintusingha about the transitionary nature of Melbourne’s multi-cultural suburb of Footscray. See the article here: http://theconversation.com/when-a-suburbs-turn-for-gentrification-comes-75609

  • 2018: Architects for Peace: ‘Patterns of Footscray’, Online Article
    Written piece published on Patterns of Footscray. Research project in collaboration with James Connor. See: http://archpeace2.blogspot.com/2016/08/designing-temporary.html

  • 2018: Urbia Magazine, ‘Patterns of Footscray’, Print Magazine
    Written article published on research, Patterns of Footscray in collaboration with James Connor.

  • 2019: Self-published, ‘Kebab Urbanism’- article explaining the phenomenon of Melbourne’s kebab van.

5.0 relevant experiences

  • 2013/2014: India Imprint: Auroville, India Internship
    In December 2013-January 2014, I was an active member of a team made up of students, architects and urban designers led by Professor Luis Feduchi in Auroville, South India. Commissioned by the Auroville TDC (Town Development Council), Professor Feduchi and this team were responsible for the completion of a Detailed Development Plan of the Residential Zone, sectors 1 & 2. During my time in Auroville, I was responsible for, partook in and/or completed the following tasks:

o    The development and detailing of the proposed ‘Green Corridor’ network for Residential Zone, sectors 1 & 2.

o    A meeting alongside Professor Feduchi and his team and Chief Planner Prashant Hedao, with esteemed Indian architect Balkrishna Doshi in Ahmedabad on the 3rd of January 2014.

  • 2015: University of Melbourne Travelling Studio: Indonesia
    Participated in travelling studio which explored themes of informality, urbanisation, inequality, resilience, sustainability and community empowerment. A collaboration between staff and students of the Melbourne School of Design (MSD) and the School of Architecture, Planning and Policy Development (SAPPK), at Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB), in November 2015.

  • 2016: TU Delft, Berlage Institute Theory Masterclass led by OMA Reinier de Graaf
    I was selected and participated in a Theory Masterclass ‘With the Masses’ by Reinier de Graaf, OMA, as part of the The Berlage, NL. The masterclass was focused upon the theme of participatory design- culminating in a debate with Francoise Fromonot, Lucien Kroll, Reinier de Graaf and Ricardo Bofill.

  • 2017: Assisted HATCH Workshop (http://www.hatch-workshop.com/)
    In November, 2017 I assisted Hannah Broatch and Mason Rattray, under the banner of their architectural workshop HATCH, in completing their mass housing project for migrant construction workers in Ahmedabad, India. The project currently provides housing to 150 workers.

6.0 teaching

  • 2014: 1st Year Guest Critiquer: Queensland University of Technology, Semester One 2014 Leader: Chandra Sanders

  • 2014: 3rd Year Guest Critiquer: University of Queensland, School of Architecture, University of Queensland, Residual Operations, Semester Two 2014
    Leaders: Jonathon Kopinski (teaching) and I-Wen Kuo (research)
    For further information, please see studio pamphlet here:

  •  2017-2018: Sessional Tutor at the University of Melbourne: Global Foundations of Design, First Year Environments, Semester One 2017-2018
    Leaders: Phillip Goad and Helen Stitt


  • Adobe CS (Photoshop, Ilustrator, InDesign)

  • Google Sketchup, Archicad, Autocad

  • Hand-drafting and sketching

  • Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint

References provided upon request.