An Architecture of Encounters: An Amateur Manifesto:
University of Melbourne 2015

"The manifesto of the past- with its egotistical inflexibility and self-referential nature, is no longer a relevant tool in dictating the future directions of architecture. Architecture can no longer rely upon a singular, proud idea, but rather must graciously accept the unexplainable relations of our world with welcoming arms. Architecture cannot be viewed as a static act that only adheres to the rules itself creates. We need an architecture of encounters."

In its purest essence, architecture is about crafting relationships. It is about encounter.True architecture lies within the creation of space whereby diverse and unpredictable encounters can occur.

The painting La Tempesta (1506-08) by Italian Renaissance painter Giorgione marks a turning point in the visual depiction of Western landscape and the built environment. In this work, landscape is not depicted merely as a backdrop, but rather, as an essential setting to the meeting of two characters of vastly different backgrounds. On the right, a mother can be seen nurturing her child while on the left a soldier can be seen gazing into the distance.

The painting depicts a chance encounter. An encounter unrestrained by the pre-conceptions of what is considered the status quo. In a world whereby humans are becoming increasingly inter-connected, architecture needs to encourage the diverse possibilities of human relationships.

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